Stellart for Planetariums – We create a SaaS that improves the educational experience of visitors to planetariums and astronomical museums.

Erabambú – Ecommerce platform for Forestbambú, the innovative bio-business that produces 100% natural cosmetics derived from bamboo from the Peruvian jungle.

C. M. Dayenú – We design and develop the internal administrative management system for the Medical Center.

Spondylus – Branding, design and corporate web development for Spondylus Energy.

AstroGO – Interactive platform specially designed in a mobile format for didactic teaching about the universe and science.

Visora – We are creating the first Virtual Reality Planetarium for Latin America. This is an App that synchronously distributes 360 VR movies.

M&R Psicólogos – Design and Development of the new official website of the psychological consultancy.

Joyería Matías – Ecommerce Platform Web Design for the purchase / sale and customization of fine jewelry.

RoundCube – Design and Development of an Ecommerce Flutter App for the shoe distribution company.

Nesercon – Corporate website design for a distribution company of concrete, belonging to Grupo Empresarial Carolina.

Hatun – We redesigned the platform that simulates the admission exams to the 10 best universities in Peru. It has more than 60k questions in its database.

High Ing Tech – We implement an online learning platform for the training of engineers.

Visualize. Listens.

Feel the stars.

Stellart – Our main Edtech project. It is an app that uses Augmented Reality to facilitate the teaching of science and astronomy to blind people.